About Me


I'm Jennifer Rose, but you can call me Jen!

I am married to this giant that I met at Walt Disney World and I am a cat mom to the ultimate princess named Jasmine.

Not joking about that giant thing - he's 6'7" and I'm only 5'3"!

When others choose a word to describe me, the most common word chosen is "shenanigans," and I'm here for it :P

I may have a literal Disney romance, but my photography journey is a cheesy Hallmark movie.

I fell in love with it at a young age (I was taking advanced darkroom classes at 15), but then we got separated for a few years when my love was stolen by another (a camera thief). After taking some time apart and pursuing different paths (I changed my college major from Photography to Nutrition & Business Management), we finally found each other again when we ran into each other by chance 14 years later (when I got professional photos done for my own engagement, and realized I could do them better - oops, was that too petty?) I then spent a year trying to win back my first love (I took over 30 photography/marketing/business classes in one year) and now we are working on running off into the sunset together (to take those golden hour sunset photos of course).

But this story isn't over, I hope you'll be part of our happily ever after!

If I haven't scared you off yet, and especially if you're laughing instead of rolling your eyes, then you're my people!

Ok, ok, I'll even settle for a half smile. :) 

Keep going to learn some more "fun facts!"

Fun Facts About Jen!


I really did meet my husband at Disney World!

It was back in 2012 when I sneezed & he yelled, "Bless You!" The rest was history.


I have lived in

7 different states.

- CA, ND, SD, NJ, NC, FL, TX - 

The first four were all due to my Dad being in the Air Force, but the last three are all due to me chasing country boys, then chasing a Disney dream, and then finally chasing the country boy that I met at Disney.

(Show me someone else who has lived in BOTH Dakotas and I'll give them a free photo shoot)


I was stuck on having only visited 49 states for nearly 7 years, but I finally got my 50th state in June 2020!

Are you thinking it was probably Hawaii or Alaska?


It was Kentucky.

(And yes, I did take pictures at the welcome rest stop)


I have only been overseas once (to Western Europe), and it was only because of my hubby, so I guess I am overdue to go explore somewhere other than my own continent!!


Now I'd love to get to know you!