I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Jennifer Rose, Owner & Lead Photographer of Shades of Rose Photography, LLC.  I am a local, natural light photographer that serves Austin, TX & surrounding areas.   I specialize in outdoor mini-session events and outdoor portrait photography.  My goal is to help you capture your story by freezing a significant moment in your life that you can take with you and reflect on forever!

Whether you are newly engaged, at the onset of motherhood, watching a little one grow up too fast, or just spending a day outside in the sun, I want to be there to help you remember this important time in your life!

My philosophy is that there is no such thing as a moment too small.  So whatever the occasion, or even if there isn't one, your story is still worth telling!

Let's start capturing your story right now!

Client Experience


When you book with Shades of Rose Photography, you are booking an entire experience, not just an end result!

From the moment you decide to hit "submit" on that inquiry form....

We are genuinely excited to learn more about your family and see how we can capture what you have in mind. We don't just show up & take photos, we take the time to learn about everything you are envisioning to ensure that we cater the session completely to your needs.

After booking....

You will receive our complimentary guides on how to prepare for your session & how to coordinate your outfits.  We will then be with you every step of the way for any questions you have.  We answer all emails, texts, calls, and social media messages within 1 day, and that's our promise to you!  You can even text us some outfit photos if you just can't decide between them and need a gal pal's opinion! 

On the day of your session....

You can expect a photographer who will show up with all of the essentials, just in case! We bring an "emergency" kit with items such as bug spray, wipes, tissues, band-aids, safety pins, a tide stick, bobby pins, and more!  You can use these items at any time - what's ours is yours! You don't have to stress at all, we will take care of everything once you arrive!

At the end of your session....

Every member of your family is offered some well-deserved water & treats (adults included)!

After your session....

You can expect to receive your photos within 2 weeks (and that's at the absolute latest)! We'll also send you a sneak peek a few days after your session to hold you over! ;)

Most of our clients stay in touch with us via social media throughout the year, we hope you will too!

We'd love to be a permanent add-on to your family =)

We are natural light photographers

What is natural light photography? 


So glad you asked! A natural light photographer is one who is trained to use natural primary light (the sun) and natural secondary light (open sky, reflectors on the ground, etc.) to light up your faces in the most flattering way possible!  This means that we do not often carry around artificial lighting equipment (flash equipment).  We only use flash when it is absolutely necessary, such as if we are shooting at night, or if we are doing an indoor session at our brand new in-home studio!

When choosing your session location, we will work with you to ensure that we are shooting in the best possible conditions.  

Why do we prefer natural light? Well - because it is the most natural!! We are bright & true-to-color photographers who do not use photoshop on our images unless requested.  We are all about capturing REAL people in REAL moments, and the light is no exception! Natural light is softer and far less harsh than artificial light, and we believe that knowing how to use natural light properly is the secret to getting consistently beautiful images!

Business Hours:

Mon-Thurs 5pm-9pm

Friday: 2pm-9pm

Sat & Sun: 7am-9pm

Contact Info:

(512) 522-6349

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